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The Sweater Guys

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  • Fashion
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  • Growth
  • Tech company
  • machine automation
  • code
  • manufacturing
  • Robotics
  • student start-up
  • drone
  • API's
  • textiles
  • Direct-To-Garment printer
  • McGill entrepreneurs
  • bootstrap

About us

We are The Sweater Guys, a tech/manufacturing hybrid startup with one goal: automate everything.
Our ambitious and skilled developer team is working around the clock to remove humans from our workflow. Our philosophy is simple, remove your job, get a new job, iterate. We have built efficiency in our workflow to a point where we can currently custom print an edge case sweater and deliver it to Middle of Nowhere Nunavut Drive in 4 days, while carrying no stock, being the cheapest option in Canada and achieving a higher profit margin than any other sweater supplier in Canada. Here’s how it works:

When you order a sweater off of our website, Mr. and Ms. JavaScript, and their ambitious, young child: Python build a to-do list and iterate through this list. 

They add to a csv of materials to be purchased at the end of the day (the cutoff for our supplier) 
They print the logo (with the help of some handy dandy vectorization script, and a tad of C)
They purchase an express shipping label and forward the code to the client
They integrate with slack, trello, apple/google location services, and GCal to schedule employees time in office efficiently.
The morning after the order is made, we show up to the office, a to do list is displayed on our projector, a shipping label is in our printer on sticker paper, Our heat press is warmed up with logos in an ordered pile beside, Master of Scale with Reid Hoffman is playing on our speaker, and we get right to work.
With the efficiency of this automation, we can print 200 sweaters per hour at a profit margin of $15-20 (depending on shipping location and quantity) occupying only 2 people’s time

In addition to our manufacturing scripts, we recently integrated a program that regularly scrapes publicly available contact information for summer camps, high schools, colleges, and small businesses, and creates a sweater mock up from a logo building script that takes into account common colors associated with key words and average sentiment of the copy on their website, then emails a weekly list out on Monday morning.

The only department that works harder than our resident coding nerds is our creative team. Assembled as a dynamic dream team of photographers, videographers, graphic designers and all around big thinkers, this team builds out our functionality on the front end, and brings an all around sexy UI to the consumer. They are currently in stages of shipping a beta version of our affiliate program, which targets young influencers in Universities, encouraging them to “become a sweater guy” and market to their friends through word of mouth and social media, earning a share of the profits.