La Ruche

La Ruche is a non-profit organization and its mission is to encourage the emergence of projects stimulating the influence and vitality of a given area. Through its proximity crowdfunding platform, La Ruche actively contributes to the development of new projects in the province of Quebec.



Ecloid is a French and Quebec crowdfounding web platform. Each project promoter is accompanied by a consultant assigned to his project in order to maximize his chances of success and to give him all the necessary tools to do so.
You can submit projects with a financial goal of between $ 250 and $ 25,000.
(website in French only)



Haricot is a Quebec crowfounding platform for creative, charitable, corporate and student projects.



Yoyomolo is a web platform that makes it easier to collect donations from your contacts. It’s an intermediary between your fundraising effort and your potential donors.
There are four different types of causes on Yoyomolo : you have a choice between a social cause, a cultural cause, a sporting cause and a personal cause.