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About us

In a rapidly changing world with complex and evolving situations, health professionals and institutions face unseen challenges, and the stakes are higher than ever before. To tackle challenges such as the aging of population demographics; the shortage of clinicians and resource; and the increase of patients expectations, organisations turn to digital solutions and workflow improvements. Indeed, various synchronous and asynchronous telehealth workflows and enhanced management processes can lead to significant improvements in a wide range of settings, from home and community care, chronic disease management, prevention and public health programs, education and training, to acute care and follow-ups.

HCare specializes in planning, developing and implementing health solutions that bridge current accessibility gaps and bottlenecks in current healthcare systems. Our solutions allow systems and stakeholders to work efficiently in the continuum of care. Our team is experienced in needs and strategic goals analysis; software development; solution implementation; and ensuring maintenance and continuous improvement. Our expertise spans numerous levels of the care continuum, from adapting management and navigating regulatory frameworks, to improving the care flow and implementing technological solutions.



Project Management and Consulting
The health sector presents the greatest challenges for any manager. The balance between patients, health practitioners, the regulatory framework, as well as ethical and personal considerations can often prove a considerable challenge. In this regard we provide experienced management resources and training programs that can transfer their expertise and knowledge to your team.

eHealth Implementation
Having the right tool can bring significant efficiency and effectiveness gains, cost savings and improved outcomes. We specialize in the development and implementation of technological programs and tools destined to the health sector. These specialized and customized tools take into account the specific needs, challenges and goals of your organisation.

Care Flow Analysis and Improvement
Identifying and addressing bottlenecks is a challenge that organisations have to face on a regular basis. Using proven and effective tools, we assess your current workflows and provide your organisation with a roadmap that will seek to resolve those issues on a short and durable scale. 



The Akinox Telehealth Platform 
The Akinox platform provides end-users with a simple, friendly and fast Web-based environment entirely geared to getting things done efficiently when regular physical contact is unavailable. It was built to help networks break out of silos by systematizing secure collaboration for clinicians (amongst themselves and with their patients) enabling new, optimized care workflows – simplifying clinicians’ practices and bringing care closer to patients. It dramatically reduces inefficiencies and increases the coordination and quality of healthcare networks.