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About us

It will soon be two hundred years, actually since the Industrial Revolution, that the only thing that has evolved in a classroom is to have gone from a chalkboard to a projector. 200 years of evolution...

EdLive has developed an interactive remote collaborative learning technology that has an impact on all academic and professional actors: students - learners - teachers - trainers - lecturers - administrations - schools - universities - companies.
Our vision: to predict success to minimize the gap between academic training and professional skills. How?
Thanks to our mission, which is organized around the following duality:
1- Make students autonomous in their learning and independent of their learning environment, so that they can study where they want, when they want.
2- Increase the pedagogical impact of teachers, while reducing their workload, so that they can concentrate on the essentials: humanize online training and continue to place interaction at the heart of the learning process.

The development of the I.A and the transformation of the labor market force us to rethink some of our models. We want to adapt the didactic of knowledge transmission to our time in order to have a positive impact on the education and development of future generations. And EdLive technology will be the vector of this change.