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MT Lab

MT Lab


141, Président-Kennedy avenue, 7th floor Office SB-7250, Box #18
H2X 1Y4
514 268-1816


MT Lab

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About us

MT Lab is an innovation hub, dedicated to strengthening entrepreneurship and innovation specifically in the tourism, culture and entertainment sectors. This action is based on four pillars:

  • A year of incubation for companies that have the potential to innovate in these sectors;
  • A program of animation, training and conferences with industry leaders;
  • A co-working space for collaboration between startups and our partners;
  • Exclusive demo days where the incubated companies and other relevant startups are invited to present their business solutions to each team of our partners.


MT Lab host fledgling entrepreneurs from Quebec, Canada and abroad in the tourism, transport, festivals, culture, hotel, restaurant and entertainment sectors. It aims :

  • To sustain entrepreneurship and innovation in the tourism, culture and entertaining sectors;
  • To make Quebec’s tourism, culture and entertaining and the innovation ecosystem collaborate together;
  • To strengthen Montréal and Québec’s creativity and innovation leadership.

We would like to actively confront the following challenges faced by start-ups:

  • The obstacles resulting from isolation
  • The difficulty of meeting decision-makers from major groups
  • The lack of understanding and support
  • The complexity of launching a product and/or service internationally
  • The lack of knowledge about the tourism industry and opportunities it presents
  • The administrative, legal, and fiscal complexities associated with starting and growing a business