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Web series : Archives du futur

Watch the trailer (French only)

Archives du futur (Archives of the Future) is a web series shot in 2019 in the Quartier de l’Innovation, hosted by Nicolas Ouellet and Damien Silès and broadcast on ICI

In this program, by means of memorable interviews, we hear from visionary entrepreneurs who promote Quebec know-how and introduce cutting-edge technology projects whose advances will reshape our society.

The Quartier de l’Innovation is proud to have partnered with Le Groupe Maurice to create a high-quality series that explains and democratizes innovation in a dynamic way.

Episode 1 : Food

The Arrivage app promises maximum field-to-table freshness by connecting small producers with restaurateurs. Making your own cheese is child’s play using the kits designed by U Main with the support of Agropur through its open innovation program, Inno Accel. Forget cafeteria food: retirement homes now offer up-to-date menus featuring fresh local ingredients.

Episode 2 : Social Innovations

Teenagers in distress can have their state of mind assessed thanks to a virtual friend through Writing a doctoral thesis becomes much more enjoyable and stimulating with the Thèsez-vous? workspace. With Le Groupe Maurice, we learn how retirement homes can be excellent laboratories for innovation.

Episode 3 : The Internet of Things

By connecting to urban infrastructure, Key2Access helps the visually impaired stay oriented. With its smart sensors positioned within hives, Nectar aims to help millions of bees live in health and keep pollinating. Seniors are going digital thanks to Théia communication tools.

Episode 4 : Health collects and shares a wealth of crucial information to help Quebecers with mobility problems. Care goes digital with SOFI, which enables advanced personalization of the care provided in retirement homes.

Episode 5 : Culture

The Magnéto collective explores the limitless universe of the podcast, putting technology at the service of good stories. Two brothers want to transform the STM’s old MR-63 trains into original new cultural spaces. Retirees reconnect with a part of themselves through personal artistic works.

Episode 6 : Sustainable Development

Small farmers in developing countries may see great improvements in their quality of life with solar electricity kits from the start-up Solergy. The next agricultural revolution will come from above, and Drone des champs will be part of it. By choosing ever more innovative and sustainable materials, Le Groupe Maurice is redefining the quality of living environments for seniors.

Archives du futur credits

Nicolas Ouellet and Damien Silès


Nils Caneele


Renaud de Repentigny

Director of photography

Dominic Remiro et Anick Lavoie

Sound technicians

Audrey Cousineau

Make-up artist

Laurence Bouchard-Lemaire


Nils Caneele

Editing and colour grading



Benoît Dame et Jérémie Jones

Sound mixing

Mathilde Germain

Project manager

Sabrina Duguay

Strategic advising

Groupe Maurice


Julie Dalbec


Ian Quenneville et Alexandre Gravel

Executive producers

Toast Studio