Service offer - Quartier de l'innovation

Service offer - Quartier de l'innovation

· A testing community

QI’s strength is its connection with its partners. QI offers support and canvassing efforts to identify relevant private or public partners in order to carry out tests and/or deploy your projects in the area.

· Access university experts and improve your projects

With its 4 partnered universities, QI can quickly identify the expertise you need to bring your project to the next level.

Plus, by partnering with universities, you can benefit from several government funding programs that in some cases have interesting financial leverages. Access to the Smart Living Lab can also be part of the financial package, increasing the leverage.

· Proprietary technology and social impact

QI brings together a community interested in technology, ready to test and comment on your value proposition. In collaboration with our partners such as Communautique, Maison de l’innovation sociale and Impact Hub Montréal, we can help you organize a variety of activities (charges may apply) such as a public consultation process to better understand the needs of the community, co-creation workshops, innovation labs, prototype projects, help with designing services that will allow you to mobilize potential users and advance your project faster.