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Areas of innovation

Green technologies

Solergy Systems : Solar energy systems invented here to sustain a better world

Solergy Systems specializes in off-grid applications for solar energy systems, which they design, distribute and install. Their innovative systems are designed to provide electricity to communities in remote areas of the world. They come in a standardized kit that is easy to pack and install and customizable according to customer needs.



Nectar : A new connected beehives project in the Open-Air Laboratory for Smart Living

Montréal startup Nectar develops technologies that help beekeepers understand the behaviour of bees in order to better protect them. As a result of its project in the Open-Air Laboratory for Smart Living, the startup will be able to process data collected by sensors customized for the different behaviours of honeybees.



Evey : A smart home assistant

Evey is a smart home assistant designed to manage a home’s connected devices while adapting to the daily habits and preferences of those who live in it. By collecting data from connected devices, the assistant is able to learn and analyze the interactions between these and each person, with whom it can then interact.



Maxen : Smarter buildings for a healthier planet

is a company specializing in the development of cloud computing software that optimizes the energy efficiency of commercial buildings.



TIDI Urban Design : Managing heat islands with Territory HeatUp

TIDI Urban Design offers a new concept in land use analysis based on establishing territorial indicators to make better use of and memorize the work of urban planners and implementing digital decision support tools to solve urban problems.



Mobility reinvented

Smart bus shelter

You’re waiting for the bus. It’s not rush hour and yet there’s a crowd. You have just begun to consider walking when two buses with enough space for everyone appear in front of you.



Jakarto : Mapping the possibilities

Jakarto is a 3D virtual explorer that maps all the physical elements of a city, thanks to the mobile mapping systems it has developed.



Key2Access : Traffic solutions for pedestrians

Key2Access is revolutionizing pedestrian mobility with advanced wireless technology that allows users to request to cross without having to find and reach a button on a pole.



Bluecity Technology

Bluecity Technology has developed an innovative solution to monitor road networks in real time. The solution provides cities with the information they need to improve safety and mobility and to reduce congestion and therefore pollution.



Data security and privacy protection

Data governance

These days, companies and researchers operate in digital environments with information as their primary work tool. It is becoming essential for risk management and data security to be central to every organization, to protect against cyberattacks and to maintain the privacy of its target audience. This is a matter of quality of service.



Health and smart living

Proxifrigo : Reinvented Milkman

Meet Guillaume Béland, CEO of Proxifrigo and distributor for Ferme Y. Lampron et fils. His project entered the Open-Air Laboratory for Smart Living at the end of 2018.



Digital culture and society

Hello Architekt : Storytelling for the physical environment

Discover the startup led by Jonathan Bélisle. The founder is preparing augmented reality projects for cities and parks in 2021, in particular at the Lachine Canal. We’ll keep you informed of the progress on these projects!