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QI Signature art trail

In 2016, in collaboration with MASSIVart, the Quartier de l’Innovation launched the QI Signature art trail. Structures depicting the Quartier de l’Innovation logo were publicly displayed on sites belonging to patron companies who had chosen to contribute to the neighbourhood’s vitality. Each painted logo has been transformed into a public artwork by one of nine featured Montréal artists.

This initiative enabled the Quartier de l’Innovation to reinforce its social and cultural role, one of the major pillars of its creation, and to strengthen the link between companies, artists, and the public.

“Culture is at the heart of the creation of an environment like the Quartier de l’Innovation. It is essential to make culture accessible by using it in public spaces.”

Damien Silès, Executive Director, Quartier de l’Innovation



The goal of the QI Signature project was to link art and entrepreneurship in the same district by creating a public art trail. Companies sponsoring the project were located within the district and displayed structures in the shape of the QI logo inside and outside of their buildings. Their generosity helped to showcase the work of the nine Montréal artists who transformed each structure into a work of art. An artful way to support and promote Montréal artists!

In addition to developing the Quartier de l’Innovation’s cultural elements, QI Signature created genuine urban signage while promoting the retailers and businesses that are members of the project. These signs enable all QI ecosystem stakeholders (residents, companies, students, shops) to create or strengthen their sense of belonging to the district, sharing common values and ambitions linked to innovation.