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FTQ Innovation Lab

To fulfill a need expressed by the Montréal entrepreneurial community, the Fonds de Solidarité FTQ /QI Innovation Lab was created in 2018. Businesses in the pre-commercialization stage that couldn’t afford to rent a workspace were hosted at Salon 1861. The Fonds de Solidarité FTQ and the Quartier de l’Innovation wished to support these entrepreneurs during this essential stage of their development.

The lab’s goals

  • Allow businesses to focus on commercializing their products and expanding their business without having to deal with issues related to renting a workspace
  • Offer businesses the necessary support to reach their expansion goals (access to a network, contact development, etc.)


In addition to benefiting from completely free workspaces, startups had privileged access to our partner network and were invited to present their companies to the Fonds de Solidarité FTQ investment team. Deloitte, a partner of the Quartier de l’Innovation, also provided participating organizations with training and a bank of consulting service hours.

2018 Cohort


In order to replace single-use food packaging, which causes more than 50% of waste in cities, the CANOtogo team is developing a connected, self-service network for reusable containers. It could be called the Bixi of coffee cups!


Trnds is a mobile app that makes it easy to get inspired and discover fashion trends. The two young entrepreneurs who started this company want to help users discover their new favourite shops and influencers based on their needs and interests.


Using technology and cognitive science, Apprentx offers a range of apps that help people memorize, practice, recall and apply what they’ve learned in training sessions.

Drone des champs

Drone des champs offers turnkey services for farmers while helping them transition to organic farming without sacrificing productivity. The company is focused in particular on developing innovative spreading solutions to meet the needs of farmers.


Ophelia offers ordinary people struggling with debt a solution to consolidate their debts and accumulate savings. We help people who can no longer afford the minimum payment on their many cards and lines of credit to pay off their debt and save money every month.


Gallean mission is to adapt the consumption and dissemination of art in the age of technology. To promote emerging artists, this company combines online and physical visibility through its web platform and advertising network. It strategically places the works of local artists in the everyday life of potential buyers, in cafés, restaurants and hotels.

Gradiant AI

Gradiant Al offers services tailored to the media industry. It serves to increase retention, optimize distribution and customize platforms to use them to their full potential.


Through the gamification of city centres, Flagtown hopes to stimulate local economies, strengthen active citizenship and connect different areas of a city.