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Aging well at home

In 2019, Espace La Traversée and the Bâtir son quartier resource group partnered with the Quartier de l’Innovation (QI) to carry out a pilot project in a part of Convergence Griffintown (working title), a building that will be transformed into a research and innovation laboratory.

Crédit photo : Thibault Carron
Photo credit: Thibault Carron

Through collaboration with QI partner universities and members from the private and community sectors, the pilot project aims to implement innovative home support solutions based on cutting-edge research and best practices in the field. The goal is to better meet the needs of seniors in the Griffintown area in order to improve their living conditions and help them stay in their homes longer.

Convergence Griffintown: a new social building project by Espace La Traversée

The Convergence Griffintown project will be a new social and community building, located at 204 Young Street in Griffintown, in the heart of the QI. It will be the first building specially designed for and dedicated to seniors in the Griffintown area. The project is led by Espace La Traversée, an organization that has developed solid expertise in managing complex real estate projects for people with special needs and seniors. The real estate component (permits, financing, contractors, etc.) is led by Bâtir son quartier.

The building will offer mixed services to mainly respond to the evolving requirements of seniors and other clientele sharing similar needs.


Bâtir son quartier


It will be structured around four complementary clusters :

  • Senior Citizens Cluster (9 floors, +/- 160 units);
  • Persons with a Mobility Impairment Cluster (3 floors, +/- 50 units);
  • Small Households and Young Families Cluster (4 floors, +/- 60 units);
  • Community Services Cluster, with 3 floors for non-residential uses (CPE, community offices and spaces, and outreach services).

The building aims to meet the housing needs of seniors in Griffintown. The neighbourhood has been transforming and gentrifying since the early 2000s, but lacked a project specifically dedicated to seniors, even though, since 2005, more than 5,000 residential units have been built, 3,000 units are currently under construction and approximately 4,500 are planned.