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The Montreal Summit on Innovation brings together entrepreneurs, university researchers and other key actors in the field of social innovation in order to give them an opportunity to meet Montréal’s major innovation players and learn through interactive experiences.

Offering participants a full day of interactive experiences and meetings with the big names of innovation in Montréal, the MSI helps new ideas germinate, raises debates between the participants, and encourages participants to find possible solutions to specific issues and to draw inspiration from international best practices.

Power innovation, one theme at a time:

2012: The aerospace industry
2013: Innovative neighbourhoods
2014: Smart and sustainable networks
2015: Health and creative industries
2016: Adaptation to climate change
2017: The fourth industrial revolution in the manufacturing sector
2018: Entrepreneurship + social impact
2019: The research of tomorrow, today!


24 May 2019 - Montreal Summit on Innovation

Sommet de Montréal sur l’innovation 2019 – La recherche de demain, maintenant! (French only)

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23 May 2018 - Montreal Summit on Innovation

Sommet de Montréal sur l’innovation 2018 – Entrepreneuriat et impact social (French only)

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