The first innovation store in north america – Neoshop montréal

The first innovation store in north america – Neoshop montréal

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The first innovation store in north america – Neoshop montréal

Published on:
September 7, 2016
Event date:
Wednesday, 7 September, 2016 (All day)


The Neoshop Montréal store, operated by the Quartier de l’Innovation, is looking for innovative products in time for its official opening, planned for Fall 2016. If you’re a startup or small business beginning to commercialize an innovative product and looking for a way to access a broader market, the Neoshop may be your launching pad to success!


What is the Neoshop?

Neoshop is a network of innovation stores. This unique concept, successfully established in France by Laval Mayenne Technopole three years ago, will expand to North America for the first time through the Montreal store. Aiming to promote and support new companies in marketing their innovations, its role will be to establish direct relationships between consumers and startups.
The shop will display new and innovative products that people can see, touch, test and purchase. They will be encouraged to provide comments, observations and suggestions. Neoshop’s role will then be to share these ideas with the startups, who can use them to adapt their commercialization approach. It will also be possible to offer startups with on-demand services, such as product development brainstorming or demo sessions with targeted customers, in order to help their progression. Neoshop will essentially be a bridge between innovation and the consumer market.


What is the added value for the startups?

  • – Your product is marketed through our network of physical retail stores (permanent and pop-up shops), as well as on the online store.
  • – The Neoshop sales specialists will be trained, based on information you will provide, on the product’s main features and on your business priorities.
  • – We bring you closer to your customers: visitors’ comments are analyzed and shared with you regularly along with recommendations.
  • – Our dedicated media coverage increases your national and international visibility.
  • – Information about your product is shared across the network and offers you an even larger audience.
  • – On-demand services
  • – At the end of the commercialization period, you benefit from valuable insights to help you approach specialized distributors.

What types of projects are desired?

Any company that is starting up or that recently began commercializing a physical (tangible) product is invited to apply. The company must understand the primary mission of the Neoshop (explained above), which is primarily to assist startups with their product management and go-to-market strategy by collecting information from visitors to the store. The products themselves must have a significant innovative aspect. Here is a complete list of the criteria:

Selection criteria

  • – Company incorporated in Québec
  • – Tangible product aimed at retail sale
  • – The product is not a prototype; it is finalized and ready to be distributed.
  • – Significant and clearly defined innovative aspect
  • – The product’s innovation may be technological, conceptual, or related to its use.
  • – The company is able to guarantee a certain number of units that the Neoshop can keep in stock (on consignment) for 6 months. The precise number of units will be determined based on product type.

Register as of today! We will get in touch with qualified startups as the selection process



The first innovation store in north america – Neoshop montréal