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Cosmin George
Co-founder and CEO
Co-founder and CTO


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About us

There is a BIG opportunity in analyzing online reviews. 88% of consumers now trust product reviews as much as advice from family and friends, putting online reviews nearly on par with word-of-mouth marketing.

Today's reviews are text-based, unstructured and it takes time to make a quick informative decision. Writing reviews is a burden because it takes time to write them and there are no real incentives for doing so. Businesses currently do not get in-depth feedback and advanced analytics from their customer reviews to help them understand who are their customers and what product metrics are important to them.

The solution is PlanetRate, an online reviews and ratings website which allows consumers to provide feedback on different topics and helps businesses understand their customers. Consumers can make smarter, faster and more informed decisions by quickly understanding the reviews and accessing the information that matters most to them. Businesses can use our platform to be able to improve their products and services, understand and interact with their customers and turn reviews into a valuable market research tool.

My motivation started when I immigrated to Canada and because my parents did not have enough money, my dad always compared the things he wanted to buy using Excel files and later, online reviews.

Unlike most reviews and ratings portals, PlanetRate does not focus on a specific product or service. PlanetRate members can select, view and review a wide number of products and services, ranging from dental offices, to gyms, schools and much more.