The Science Futures project aims to enrich science education in four schools in the South West of Montreal and to ignite a love of science in youth. The school would put a special emphasis on science, math and the arts to promote student interest in those disciplines and would create an environment aimed at fostering optimal engagement in students to prevent drop-out. In order to improve science literacy skills and help students succeed in school, the Science Futures Project will:

 use creative techniques and programming based on best practice to engage students

 provide ongoing professional development and support for busy teachers, some of

 leverage talented McGill students to provide the individual coaching that is a lifeline for

 welcome students into the McGill community to help them envision a career path that

 in the long-term, recruit at-risk youth to enroll in science programs or to become the whom have had little science training at-risk students includes higher education science teachers of the future

This will be done through an innovative teaching and learning approach. McGill is leading the Sciences Futures projects, with its partners: The Montreal Science Centre, ÉTS, the Commission Scolaire de Montréal and the English Montreal School Board.