Mark your calendars ! Next Mat'Inno event - February 1st, 2018 !

Blockchain technologie, a veritable revolution in the world of Finance

The expression FinTech is derived from “finance” and “technology” and is designated by an innovative start-up that uses current technology to rethink financial and banking services.

Following the 2008 economic crisis, many bankers and traders worldwide left the mainstream corporations to launch their own entrepreneurial ventures and reimagine the existing model.  The goal was to simplify finances and make it more accessible by proposing better quality services at lower cost. In ten years, the banking industry has seen more changes than in the previous 200 years! FinTech start-ups are developing in every sector, from banking, insurance, managed savings sectors and asset management.

This next Mat’Inno, organized in association with the Quartier de l’innovation will welcome professor Kaiwen Zhang from l’ETS along with Vincent Gauthier from the Montreal company Catallaxy. They will discuss Blockchain applications that currently exist in the rapidly shifting financial sector, and specifically focus on popular systems such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger. We will also feature professor Xiaozhou Zhou who will focus on new analytical techniques supported through machine learning allowing for more informed decisions in a time when the financial markets are so fast-paced.

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The Mat'Inno Serie

Our city is bursting with scientific talent, innovative ideas, entrepreneurs and discoveries that are making waves on the international scene. To give you access to these local talents, the Quartier de l’Innovation launched the Mat’Inno series in 2015 in collaboration with the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Montréal (JCCM).

These are breakfast seminars on topical themes where professors from several universities come demonstrate the best in Montréal’s academic expertise. The goal is to introduce the business community to the market opportunities in the featured industries and to foster Montrealers’ sense of pride in being Canada’s top university town.

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