The art of designing buildings and creating a lifestyle. A work often forgotten that L'ATELIER DU HAVRE brings back to life , not only in its form but especially in its substance. Creativity is once again the flavour  of the day in a universe dedicated to inventiveness, sharing and encounters.

In collaboration with the Quartier de l'Innovation, L'ATELIER DU HAVRE is a place where artists can give free rein to their imagination while being in direct contact with the public. Whether they are informed or simply enthusiastic, the public will exchange and participate in the occupant’s creative process through the dissemination workshops and the FabCafé.

Creativity remains the same, the method changes. The collective outpouring of L'ATELIER DU HAVRE draws all of its virtue from this sharing of knowledge, creating a unique lifestyle focused on design and learning. A place where every inhabitant creates, a place where every inhabitant is inspired, a place where everything is thought in such a way that each step forward is made collectively.

The lifestyle is thus transformed into creation, creation into innovation, innovation becomes a daily routine and the daily work becomes collective.

Piloté par : MASSIVart et Carrefour de la création