Maxen – Smarter buildings for a healthier planet

Maxen – Smarter buildings for a healthier planet



Maxen is a company specializing in the development of cloud computing software that optimizes the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. The company’s team sets itself apart by its use of the latest artificial intelligence technology, allowing Maxen to provide solutions with unprecedented energy efficiency results.

Through these efficiency gains, the young entrepreneurs hope to make a difference in the fight against climate change.

Maxen is currently launching production and training its artificial intelligence software.  At this stage, it is essential to have access to the data and real needs of building managers in order to provide software adapted to their expectations.


The technology

Maxen uses cloud and artificial intelligence technology to analyze building data. The developed software technology requires no hardware, making it possible to optimize the infrastructure that is already in place.




Field test performed in the Open-Air Laboratory for Smart Living

-          Access to a variety of buildings and partners

-          Data analysis for buildings

-          The tests will be focused on accessing and analyzing building data.


For Maxen, this is an opportunity to:

-          Demonstrate the positive financial and environmental impacts (reduced greenhouse gas emissions) of the service for commercial buildings. 

-          Calculate the management software’s contribution to the work of building managers.