Evey - A smart home assistant

Evey - A smart home assistant


Evey is a smart home assistant designed to manage a home's connected devices while adapting to the daily habits and preferences of those who live in it. By collecting data from connected devices, the assistant is able to learn and analyze the interactions between these and each person, with whom it can then interact.


How it works

The assistant, which has integrated sensors, is installed in place of a light switch. The artificial intelligence is able to autonomously learn the residents’ habits in just two weeks. It thus attunes itself to their lifestyles and assists them in their home through connected objects. Users can also interact with Evey by voice or through a mobile app. It can identify several people in the same environment, making for an experience tailored to each user in the same household.



Real environment testing enabled by participation in the Open-air Smart Laboratory

Thanks to the Laboratory and its partners, Evey has had access to an apartment in the Arbora Griffintown project, courtesy of the Arbora development team, since the end of October 2017. This apartment provides a real environment in which to complete the product’s first test phase

This step aims to validate basic operations, ensure the system is stable and achieve the desired interaction between each connected object (lighting, heating, music, vacuum, curtains, smoke detectors, televisions, door locks, etc.) and Evey’s artificial intelligence.

The next product development phase will test the capabilities of the personal assistant in an inhabited environment.