Breathe 2 – Meditation Lamp

Breathe 2 – Meditation Lamp

Breathe 2 is a beautiful tool that will help you  learn and practice   "Breathe Meditation"

Simple and Effective: This technique is very easy to learn and pratice.  Just follow the light with your respiration.

Five minutes is enough: To give you a sense of peace, reduce your stress and increase your concentration.

Based on science: 6 breathes per minutes is an optimal pattern for improving Heart Rate Variability, increases melatonin and seratonin levels and decreases cortisol levels.

Improved luminosity: Breathe 2 globe provide better luminosity.

Easy to use:

  • Press once for 5 minutes breathwork meditation.
  • Hold the button 2 seconds for an interrupted session.
  • Hold the button 6 seconds or more at the intensity you want to use it as lamp.


  • Lamp: Acrylic frosted ball (each pattern is unique)
  • Base: Handmade waxed Maple wood
  • Dimensions: 2.375" (6.2 cm) diameter by 2.5" (6.8cm) height
  • Weight: 6.5 onces (175 grams)
  • Alimentation: USB 5v cable 51" long (130 cm)

Price: $79.99
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