Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Who can submit a project?

  • A student, professor or researcher affiliated with a university
  • A legally incorporated organization
  • A startup company, small or medium-sized enterprise or big businesses

Project Eligibility Criteria

Your project: 

  1. Must be related to the technological development and/or use of 5G cellular connectivity or any other advanced connectivity, including the Internet of Things (IoT).
  2. Must be innovative and related to smart living.
  3. Must be produced or tested inside the boundaries of the Quartier de l’Innovation and be potentially deployable outside the Laboratory.
  4. Must be able to collect data that will be analyzed and shared with other Laboratory participants (while respecting data integrity, privacy and applicable laws).
  5. Must have a high potential for positive impact on the local or national economy (research results, technological innovation, etc.). 
  6. Must be achievable within 12 months after submission.
  7. Must make use of at least one available infrastructure in the Laboratory or the services of one of its partners.

It is important to note that the partners of the Lab offer access to expertise, meeting spaces and infrastructure, but not financial support for those applying to this program. 

Please note that a selection committee composed of representatives from each of the Lab’s partners (Videotron, Ericsson, ÉTS, Quartier de l'Innovation) will evaluate each proposal and will contact successful project applicants for presentations and exploratory meetings.