Jakarto: Mapping the possibilities

Jakarto: Mapping the possibilities




Jakarto is a 3D virtual explorer that maps all the physical elements of a city, thanks to the mobile mapping systems it has developed.

The startup's mission is to deliver digital data sets that accurately reproduce, in 3D and to within a few centimetres, the appearance, size and positioning of all the physical elements captured when driving around cities.

The collected data makes it possible to create digital twin cities that can be used for city planning and intelligent transportation.

Jakarto completed the R&D phase last December. It is now starting to commercialize its product.


The technology

Jakarto maps cities or buildings using mobile mapping systems that combine 360° HD video, geolocation using inertial navigation systems, a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and LIDAR technology.



Field tests carried out as part of the Open-Air Laboratory for Smart Living

The field tests will take place this spring. Jakarto will model the Quartier de l’Innovation, in order to create its digital twin.

Our tests will allow contributors to work on a digital model of the QI to simulate and interpret different elements in the Quartier. For example, they can simulate the positioning of 5G antennas in order to find the spot with the best reception for the whole area.


For Jakarto, this is an opportunity to:

  • Carry out field tests in the Quartier de l’Innovation
  • Work with Smart Living Lab partners
  • Test sensors on an evolving network (LTE/5G)