Startup Weekend - Eco-Social Impact - Montreal

Startup Weekend - Eco-Social Impact - Montreal




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The Moroccan Cultural Center - Dar Al Maghrib
515 Avenue Viger E
H2L 2P1

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MTL Green, Forum des Compétences Canado-Marocaines, Techstars by Google for Entrepreneurs
From 10$ to 69$

Startup Weekend - Eco-Social Impact - Montreal

Published on:
January 12, 2018
Event date:
Friday, 12 January, 2018 - 17:00 to Sunday, 14 January, 2018 - 18:00


Do you dream of launching your own business with environmental and/or social value?Do you want to develop your entrepreneurship projects and ideas, while contributing to society in a sustainable way? Would you like to get involved, to build and to develop an innovative, inclusive and forward-looking business plan? Would you like to spend a weekend learning and experimenting in a fun and innovative way?

The Startup Weekend | Eco-Social Impact | is for you!

This event will gathered more than a hundred people and will be an unprecedented opportunity to share your ideas, your projects, your skills and your motivation with other people. You will have the opportunity to share your interests and aims, and to create a startup team that will continue beyond this weekend!

Join us to get advices from recognized and inspiring mentors, and to develop a concrete and realistic entrepreneurial project that will make our beautiful city of Montreal more supportive and environmentally friendly! The city of a beautiful future!

You don’t have a specific project in mind? No problem. If you feel concerned and motivated by those issues, you will be able to join the team of your choice. Whether you are a worker, a student or a citizen, this Startup Weekend is a great opportunity to produce a concrete, achievable and, above all, sustainable positive impact for your city and to help creating the society of tomorrow!

This Startup Weekend is a new concept. With his transversal theme, symbol of sustainable development’s three pillars (Economic, Social and Environmental), this event gives you the chance to pitch your idea or help a team to develop a business idea in areas as varied as current like sharing economy, waste reduction, water or air pollution, human diversity and more!

When? From Friday, January 12, 2018, 17h00 to Sunday 14 January 2018, 18h00
Where? The Moroccan Cultural Center - Dar Al Maghrib 


- Do you have a business idea that aims to overcome a social and/or environmental problem and need partners and/or coaching?

- Do you feel concerned by environmental and social causes? Are you witnessing a social and environmental problem and would you like to support a startup that aims to get rid of this problem?

- Do you have an innovative idea that could resolve current problems like pollution, food waste, discrimination, inequality, etc.?

- Do you have an business idea that operates via workplaces, transportations, food and more?

- Do you want to improve your knowledge in terms of business model, marketing, design, prototyping, budgeting, analysis and market validation?

- Do you want to have fun, get good food and to challenge yourself?

For more informations, visit Startup Weekend - Eco-Social Impact page.

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Startup Weekend - Eco-Social Impact - Montreal