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Quartier de l’innovation de Montréal: an innovation ecosystem in the heart of Montreal

aérienne-griffintownLocated in the heart of the city, the Quartier de l’Innovation intends to be a creative, dynamic platform dedicated to the needs of innovative players in Montreal, Quebec and the rest of Canada. It represents a modern ecosystem that responds to the new realities of the innovation challenge on a worldwide scale.

It is designed to be a unifying force by promoting an active partnership between players in the economic development sector and district residents.

The QI seeks to integrate the four segments that are essential to a creative society: the industrial segment, the education and research segment, the urban segment, and the social and cultural segment. The integration and interconnections among these segments will create a world-class innovation ecosystem in Montreal.

It is located in the South-West of Montreal (Griffintown, Saint-Henri, Little Burgundy and Pointe Saint-Charles), a neighborhood filled with a rich heritage that is important to put forth as it is situated at the crossings between the cultural, artistic, economical, technological and multimedia forefronts of Montreal.

The territory encompasses the Multimedia City, E-Commerce Place and Le Nordelec.


It boasts the largest concentration of information technology and multimedia workers in Canada.


20,000 jobs in some 350 companies.


Planned realty projects worth an estimated 6 billion.


Home to a dynamic artistic community and numerous non-profit organizations.


QI’s map

Keys : Central Zone | Intervention Zone

Video of the major real estate developments and innovative initiatives (2015)