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Published on:
June 18, 2018
Event date:
Monday, 18 June, 2018 (All day)
By Daphnée Malboeuf

Who hasn’t dreamed of supplementing their income by picking up a few small contracts here and there, to be able to go on vacation or buy that condo with a view of Lafontaine Park? Now you can, thanks to Staff2day.

The brand new Montréal-based company now offers a world of possibilities for freelancers, students, and even people who don’t have a job, by bringing employers and employees together on a single web platform.

Jonathan Boujo has been an entrepreneur for 17 years now and is the founder of Staff2day. His aim was to create a meeting place that helps companies quickly find employees and thus maintain productivity.

With the help of a mobile app, employers in need can now quickly find a solution to their occasional problems by calling on employees, or “staffers,” to cover shifts when a regular employee is absent or a contract worker hired to complete a task doesn’t show up.

“As an entrepreneur in the telecommunications industry myself, I’ve encountered this problem before,” says Jonathan, who chose to settle in Montréal two years ago to create a new subsidiary of his company in Canada. If, for example, I needed a technician and he didn’t show up when he had a job to do, it was really inconvenient.

“I was always looking for people at the last minute, I was making calls left and right, placing ads on social media. I would wait for answers, but sometimes they didn’t come. And even when I ask a member of my team to perform a task, and that person is already busy with something else, it’s not easy.”

It’s with this in mind that the entrepreneur came up with the concept for Staff2day. “I told myself it would be great to be able to find someone quickly by sending a direct notification to thousands of people who are looking for small jobs and who are available,” he says.

It’s a simple concept.

Staffers who are interested in doing small jobs in different companies fill out a profile indicating their area of expertise.

Then, when a company has a staffing need to fill, it posts a project, with the number of people needed to accomplish the task and a definition of the task as well as a list of the desired criteria and the project duration.

A notification is sent to the different staffers who match the desired profile. First come, first served. Just like the dating app Tinder, employers are able to look at the different profiles and swipe right on the ones that interest them.

Once the project is complete, both parties receive a questionnaire that they have to fill out to review their respective experiences. An invoice is also issued in the name of the staffer, as a freelance worker, and the money is deposited directly into his or her bank account, all managed by Staff2day to avoid any confusion.

It’s a practical and efficient solution for companies, as well as for students and freelancers who want to be in charge of their own schedules.

“Our database is 80% staffers who are students, and the rest are freelancers or unemployed,” says Jonathan. “It’s often students who are the most available at times when other people aren’t. They are often open to changing their plans for the evening to work for two or three hours.”

The mobile app, which has been launched on June 18 for iPhone and Android, already counts over 2000 staffers, and that is just the beginning.

“In the weeks following the launch in Montréal, we will extend the concept to Québec City, because there’s high demand,” says the founder. “Then, in September, we hope to start up in Toronto.”

The company recently joined the Fonds de solidarité FTQ/Quartier de l’Innovation Innovation Lab and had the opportunity to meet several entrepreneurs and make use of the co-working space to develop its ideas.

“For us, it’s an enormous opportunity,” says Jonathan. “We’ve been set up at the co-working space for three months now, and it has allowed us to meet other startups that we’re working with now. We’ve created partnerships. We’ve also been able to host clients. It’s really great.”

To download the Staff2day application : iPhone/iPad - Androïd

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