Neoshop Montreal : On Tour Across Quebec

Neoshop Montreal : On Tour Across Quebec

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Neoshop Montreal : On Tour Across Quebec

Published on:
October 12, 2017
Event date:
Thursday, 12 October, 2017 - 15:00

Ten months after its Montreal debut, the mobile storefront for startups hopes to reach new heights by mobilizing the strength in the province’s rural areas and finding new, innovative products to showcase.

In just ten months, 6 000 people have visited Neoshop’s mobile storefront in Montreal. In sum, 11% - about 700 people - have gone away with a product in hand. Sure, the number is far from major retail targets, but that’s normal. Remember - sales are not the shop’s vocation. Its goal is to act as a tutor for startups, opening (real) doors for them and allowing them to experience commercialization through consumer contact.

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Objectif Monde, A New Tour

Everything is going smoothly - Neoshop is organizing a tour with its partners once more. The tour will be called Objectif Monde and will run through Quebec starting November 8th, 2017, ending at the Expo Entrepreneurs on January 24th and 25th, 2018. “It all stems from a discussion we had with Desjardins, the new Quartier de l’innovation partner. We wanted to go out into rural areas because we didn’t want Neoshop to be a product based exclusively in Montreal. We know that products are emerging elsewhere and wanted to lend our platform to startups province-wide. The digital world does a lot of the work, but I think going on-site to meet people pushes it further,” explained Hugo Paquin, head of the Neoshop store in Montreal. The goal behind his mission is to mobilize resources and ecosystems to safeguard the success of ideas coming out of Quebec.

One way to prove the concept works and that he’s actively seeking general interest? Objectif Monde. But why Objectif Monde? “Businesses undertaking a new product launch aim to get their product onto the world market and build a business that will shine within Quebec.”

What is the Tour?

Last year, Neoshop took part in a tour called “En route vers SxSW” (En Route Toward SxSW), which was organized by Export Québec in the framework of a festival by the same name which takes place in Texas each year in March. Neoshop was part of the Quebec delegation, amid a group of 50.

This year, Neoshop is seeing bigger. “Our goal is to grow annually, stopping in new places and getting in touch with people in harder-to-reach areas. This year is still somewhat exploratory, but we’ve definitely improved our formula. Last year, we only organized a contest - this year, we’ve designed a program with panels, content, network, etc.” 

Three Months in Rural Quebec

Neoshop will be in Montreal starting in November and then head toward Quebec, Gatineau, Sherbrooke and finally, Shawinigan/Trois-Rivières. The initiative will cover subjects revolving around the commercialization of innovation, open innovation, and open questions such as How To Build Innovative Ecosystems in 2017. The programme is more than just interesting - it also answers questions and targets to the interests of its audience. “For our agenda to interest businesses, we made sure to co-create it with regional partners to target the interests and challenges of those attending, and to invite the guests they wished to hear speak,” explains Paquin.

The prizes are very lucrative - two finalists per region will be granted a spot in the Expo Entrepreneurs Final, whose five winners will head to SxSW in 2018. Plus, Neoshop’s favourites - one startup per region - will be granted a spot at its table during Expo Entrepreneur, and they will see their product in Neoshop France and Montreal.

Objectif Monde tour dates :

  • STOP 1 : November 8th 2017 - Montreal - La Maison des Régions
  • STOP 2 : November 14th 2017 - Sherbrooke - Espace Inc.
  • STOP 3 : November 23rd 2017 - Quebec - Le Camp
  • STOP 4 : November 27th 2017 - Gatineau - Cilex
  • STOP 5 : December 7th 2017 - Shawinigan - DigiHub
  • GRAND FINALE : January 24th & 25th 2018 - Montreal - Bonaventure Place

If you wish to participate in the ExpoEntrepreneurs / SxSW contest, 

To follow the Neoshop Tour on social media:

Facebook : Tournée Objectif Monde

Twitter : @NeoshopMontreal

Neoshop Montreal : On Tour Across Quebec