La Factry: you can learn to be creative!

La Factry: you can learn to be creative!

Marie Amiot
President ,
La Factry


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La Factry: you can learn to be creative!

Published on:
March 17, 2017
Event date:
Friday, 17 March, 2017 (All day)

To what extent is creativity necessary in the workplace? Can we learn to become creative? Are there techniques to you develop it? Meet Marie Amiot, co-founder of La Factry, a creativity school recently launched in Montreal that teaches its students to develop their creativity.

If Montréal is known for its dynamism, its creativity, its large pool of entrepreneurs and its C2MTL event, why does it not yet have its own school dedicated to creativity? Mrs. Amiot has a thing or two to say about that. "We can’t pretend to have creativity as an economic pillar without taking care of it, nurturing it and helping it evolve."

The trend exists. More and more schools of its kind are popping up and flourishing around the world, and they’re starting to take root in Quebec and Canada. So, it's done: welcome to La Factry, the brand new school that teaches Montreal all about the science of creativity.

5 Five individuals. Perfect timing. A shared belief.

Behind La Factry is a story of five people who share the same vision:

  • ●      Philippe Meunier, founder of the Sid Lee agency, who has been convinced for 10 years that Montreal is lacking a school that teaches students creativity, how to cope with the reality of work, how to work in a transdisciplinary way, innovate and create together;
  • ●      The A2C (Association of Creative Communication Agencies), which demonstrates in its studies that we are experiencing a lot of changes and that Quebec needs to train professionals for the next generation;
  • ●      Ugo Cavenaghi, CEO of Collège Sainte-Anne, known for being the black sheep of education in Quebec, who’s been saying for years that training has to be reinvented because the reality of the labor market has changed dramatically and young people are not properly prepared to be actors in this changing economy;
  • ●      Hélène Godin and Marie Amiot who, at the time this adventure began, wanted to start a new business. "In our lives, the timing was perfect. "

It was last year, during C2MTL, that the five companions decided to formally launch La Factry. According to them, it was the perfect time to build a campus in Montreal dedicated to creativity to foster this natural resource that Quebec - and Montreal in particular - is so known for.

Creativity requires daily work

According to Mrs. Amiot, "creativity" should not be regarded as an artistic characteristic. To her and her partners, it’s the ability to find new solutions to company or societal challenges. Moreover, they call it the"science of creativity".

"We have purposely added the word science to creativity, because we tend to think that creativity is very artistic, that we’re born with and then that's it. Yet that’s not the case at all - to develop creative products, there is a context to develop, a rigor, tools, ways of doing "explains Mrs. Amiot. "Our teachers unveil their secret sauce on how to organize a business to foster a creative culture so their teams will deliver creative products. It’s a mental posture that we can work, organize and teach within a company. "

So yes, these are skills that you can develop and learn. In the courses offered, there are some that help people develop their creative skills, but others that also lead people to develop new business models.

Creativity, an indispensable skill

"Things are moving a lot and industries need to be renewed. Business problems as well as societal problems are too big to be solved alone. We believe that creativity is an enormous vehicle for change. It’s a key competence for companies and societies; and we can organize it, learn it, develop it."

In the long term, 600 people are expected within the walls of La Factry, including about 200 young students and 400 professionals. On the one hand, La Factry is developing a continuing education component at the university level in partnership with ÉTS (École de Technologie Supérieure) and at the college level with Ste-Anne College. "They develop classes that are better adapted to the reality of work. And La Factry is the link between young people and industries." On the other hand, the school also offers a specific training component for professionals.

Creativity at the heart of the Quartier de l'innovation

Mrs. Amiot and her team are actively looking for premises. But one thing is for sure, they will be located in the Quartier de l’innovation. "For sure!"says Mrs. Amiot. Because La Factry wants to build close ties with its partners and be able to open its doors to people in the neighbourhood: "for example, we want to provide creative tutoring for neighbourhood childrenafter class".

The discourse is serious, the ground is fertile and the seeds are sown; so let's make room for creativity!

La Factry: you can learn to be creative!