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QI is first and foremost a place for the integration and interconnection of the four segments that are essential to a creative society; together they create a world-class innovation ecosystem in Montreal:

Urban segment

With its sustainable development, services for municipalities and citizens, green spaces, respect for history and heritage, public transportation and shared management of infrastructure, the QI is a genuine “living laboratory”, where science and technology are visible and accessible to the public.
 QI Montreal: an ecosystem that is a great place to live.

Education and Research segment

Training the next generation of highly qualified personnel requires the continual updating of programs, aligning courses with the needs of the community, and maintaining excellence in research. Multidisciplinarity, internships in the QI, and the creation of networks and centres of excellence are supported and encouraged.  QI Montreal: a knowledge-based ecosystem.

Industrial segment

The QI has the highest concentration of IT workers in Canada. Its role is to showcase not only these companies but also those in other sectors, to improve collaboration among these companies and the various players, and to foster the emergence of new ideas while accelerating the innovation process. QI Montreal: a virtual and physical business ecosystem, marked by an entrepreneurial spirit.

Social and Cultural segment

The strong presence of creators and idea generators within the QI allows us to mix the social and the functional, fostering meeting points for arts, culture, technology and innovation. We must capitalize on this diversity and make the various platforms and expertise of our university institutions available to the district’s many organizations. QI Montreal: an ecosystem serving an innovative community.

Latest News

Videotron joins the Quartier de l’Innovation

21 June 2016 | Antoine Leduc Videotron and the Quartier de l’innovation (QI) are pleased to announce a partnership that will help spur the flagship district’s development. As a Founding Member of QI, Videotron, whose head office is located within QI’s boundaries, will invest $300,000 to support promising projects at the Quartier de l’innovation, which recently placed second in the prestigious Paris daily Le Monde’s Grand Prix for Urban Innovation. Read More

Le Monde acknowledges Quartier de l’Innovation de Montréal’s contribution to urban innovation

26 May 2016 | Antoine Leduc The Société du Quartier de l’innovation de Montréal (QI) is proud to announce that it has been honoured by Le Journal Le Monde as a runner-up for the grand prize in the urban innovation category of its Smart Cities innovation awards. This contest held by the world-renowned French newspaper acknowledges innovative solutions for improving urban life. The exercise is aimed at promoting initiatives that deserve to be recognized so they can serve as an example for the application of other concrete solutions elsewhere. Read More

SDS and Quartier de l’Innovation launch North America’s first community cloud

26 May 2016 | Antoine Leduc Société de Développement Social (SDS) and Quartier de l’innovation join forces to launch first secure storage and sharing platform to make life easier for homeless people Montreal, May 20, 2016—At Benedict Labre House today, the Société de Développement Social and the Quartier de l’innovation launched Reconnect, the first secure storage and sharing platform will help make life easier for homeless people. Read More
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